How Long Do Common Household Items Last

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We’ve done some digging to bring you a list of how long things generally last around your house!

MATTRESS: 8 years. Rotate the mattress every few months for even wear.

MICROWAVE: 9 Years. Clean you microwave by heating a cup of water (with lemon if desired) until it’s steamy, let it cool and wipe down.

SMOKE ALARMS: 9 years. Batteries should be replaced every year. 

WINDOW UNIT AC: 10 years. These will die more quickly if the filter is not cleaned often. 

CARPET: 10 years. Steam clean before you see visible dirt, and when you replace, consider carpet that is appropriate for the wear it will receive. 

DISHWASHER: 10 years. Be sure to clean the filter every month.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: 10 years. It’s easy to forget to check the pressure gauge every month, but this is essential to make sure it’s still operational.

DRYER: 12 years. Clean your lint trap with every use.

GARAGE DOOR: 12 years. You can spray lubricant to the springs every few months.

WASHING MACHINE: 12 years. Check water hoses for signs of wear every year and if you have a front loading machine, keep the door ajar between loads to let it dry out.

REFRIGERATOR: 13 years. Keep the fridge between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at 0 degrees.

OVEN: 14 years. If food bubbles over, try tossing some salt on the spill while it is still liquid. When the oven cools, you’ll be able to wipe it up.

GAS RANGE: 15 years. (electric about 13) Keep burners/surface clean for best performance.

FAUCETS & FIXTURES: 15 years. Clean out any hard water residue to keep these running their best. 

HVAC SYSTEM: 20 years. Change filters often to avoid overworking the system. If you do replace, look for high efficiency options that keep costs to run down low.

SPRINKLER SYSTEM: 20 years. Be sure to blow out the lines before winter freeze every year.

ROOFING: 25 years. If you do get roof damage (from hail, wind or a tree down), get repairs quickly to avoid further damage. 

SIDING: 30 years. Pressure washing annually can keep it looking clean and fresh. Repair damage as soon as it’s discovered. 

WINDOWS: 30 years. If you replace older windows, you can expect some increased energy efficiency.

DECK: 35 years. Keep up with sealing and repairs to prolong life. Stairs may need attention sooner than the deck itself.

COUNTER TOPS: 50 years. Most counters are replaced for looks long before they are worn out. You can reseal to prolong life. (Cultured marble counters last around 20 years.)

CABINETS: 50 years. Kitchen cabinets are another item that is likely to be replaced for style before wear out occurs.

ELECTRICAL WIRING: 50+ years. Expect your wiring to last unless you see any problems. Accessories and lighting controls may last around 10+ years.

CONCRETE & MASONRY: 100 years. One of the most durable parts of a home, but be sure to seal cracks and speak to a professional to learn if cracks indicate any major settling.


*Sources: Simply Self Storage and National Association of Home Builders