Home Resolutions

home resolutions

It's not too late to add on a home resolution for 2020. Maybe it's time for a new home this year. We can absolutely help you tackle this! You might also consider these home-related resolutions:

  1. Create or update your emergency plan for evacuating your home in case of fire. (We recommend this one for EVERYONE.) Check all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure everyone knows what to do if there is an emergency requiring you to exit the home quickly. Have a fire extinguisher ready in the kitchen, too.
  2. Up your energy efficiency. This one you can do with your current home or your next home. Are your windows and door in good shape? New windows and proper amounts of insulation in your attic can make a big difference in heating and cooling efficiency. You can also do smaller things like replace light bulbs with LED bulbs as they go out, and make sure you have weather stripping on exterior doors. Smart thermostats also make it easy to adjust to appropriate temps for when you are home and when you are away.
  3. Consider jumping on some updates or those home projects you have been putting off. Deferred maintenance items can become bigger issues over time, so try to stay on top of keeping your main systems in good working order. Once those are all good, you can think about updates! If you have any questions on what items to update, give us a call! We'd be happy to strategize with you about what items will help you see the most return on investment in relation to how long you think you will stay in the home. We also have contacts for many vendors, should you need help getting these projects and/or updates done.
  4. Do a deep spring clean this year. One way to help your home feel fresh is to do a deep cleaning. Get those baseboards shiny clean, re-caulk around bathtubs and counters, scrub all your air vent covers, touch up paint or change out your paint colors, and go further by cleaning out closets and storage areas, right down to your desk and dresser drawers. You could have a garage sale or donate unused items, creating much more space in your current home, or, if you decide to move, preventing you from moving items you don't need.

We hope you have a Happy 2020 in your home!