Evergreen was founded by ranching families and became a destination for summer homes and hunting cabins by the late 1800s. It grew even more popular after the dam was built and Evergreen Lake was formed in 1928. Today, Evergreen has about 9,000 residents living at its 7,200 ft elevation, and it continues to be a popular place to live and visit. Residents love the fresh mountain air, the trees and the wildlife they view right from their homes, and visitors from the Denver area love that they can get to Evergreen quickly for a taste of the mountains.


Parks, Trails, and Golf

One thing people love to do in Colorado is enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains! Evergreen is surrounded by parks and hiking trails. You can find your next outdoor adventure at Denver Mountain Parks or Jefferson County Open Space Parks and Trails. For golfers, check out the gorgeous courses at Evergreen Golf Course or Hiwan Golf Club.

Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Recreation manages the lake and allows boating and paddle boards in the summer. In the winter, the lake becomes the world's largest Zamboni-groomed outdoor ice rink - 8.5-acres of ice with more than 10 pond hockey rinks and a huge public skating rink! There are great events on the lake too, and you can rent out the beautiful historic Lake House for an event of your own.



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